DW AngolaKey Members & Staff

Key Members & Staff

Allan Cain - director Development Worshop AngolaALLAN CAIN - Executive Director

Allan Cain, a specialist in
project planning, urban development, low-cost housing and settlements
upgrading, co-founded the Development Workshop in 1973. During his
thirty-five year experience in developing countries, he has carried out
projects in community construction, school planning, local government
participation, and in the strengthening of civil society institutions.
The honorary Canadian Consul in Angola, Mr. Cain has received various
awards from both Canadian and Angolan governments for his efforts and
leadership in social development programmes, human rights, and the

Author of several industry journal (and) papers, Mr. Cain has also
consulted for various organisations (NGOs) including UNDP, Habitat,
World Bank, European Commission, and the Canadian International
Development Agency, among others.

Mr. Cain lives in Luanda, Angola.



 EEunice Inacio - memeber Development Workshop AngolaUNICE INÁCIO

An active player in Angolan civil society during and post-war, Eunice Inácio developed, lead and implemented peace building and citizenship programmes for Development Workshop since 2000.

For the past thirty years, Mrs. Inácio, a true humanitarian, has been contributing to improving Angola’s social infrastructure though her work with various non-government and governmental organizations includes Save the Children UK, Ministry of Assistance and Social Reintegration (Huambo) and Ministry of Social Welfare and Reintegration (Bie). Her participation in various international conferences on the issues of peace and conflict has positioned her as one of the leaders in the field. She was nominated as one of the 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Currently, Mrs. Inácio, works as a consultant devising innovative regional approaches to increase adult literacy, encourage participative planning, and the promotion of citizenship. She is a member of Development Workshop Angola's board of directors.


Jeanette Dijkstra at Development Workshop AngolaJEANETTE DIJKSTRA - Member Fiscal Council

Jeanette Dijkstra joined Development Workshop in 2009 as a consultant and has subsequently worked on several programs. She has a degree in Cultural Anthropologyand a Masters degree in Communications and Management. She is working on her thesis in Rural to Urban Transformation and Development Policies.

Since 2012 she has been a full time staff member, firstly as the Technical Assistant to the DW Executive Director and currently as the Operations Manager. She supports the organisation with fundraising, donor and program management, financial and human resource management and reporting to donors.

Massamba Dominique - Development Workshop Angola

MASSAMBA DOMINIQUE - Geographic Informations System Coordinator

Massamba Paulina is a geographer and the Geographic Informations System Coordinator at Development Workshop.

Massamba Paulina is a geographer and the Geographic Informations System Coordinator at Development Workshop.

Massamba Paulina is a geographer and the Geographic Informations System Coordinator at Development Workshop.

Dary Daly - member Development WorkshopMARY DALY

Mary Daly is a medical doctor and community health specialist and has been a member of Development Workshop for more than 15 years. She was Deputy Director of Development Workshop Angola until 2001 and continues to consult  on community development, program monitoring and evaluation issues.

Her extensive management, leadership and negotiation experience in Angola includes work experience with DW, Christian Children’s Fund, and as a clinical pediatrician. Her strong record of designing and setting up creative projects in high risk environments, as well as her language competence in English, Portuguese and French, have led to the development of various financed research programs including, Breaking the Silence; Girls Abducted in Conflict in Angola, Beneficiary Assessment in the area of water and sanitation in the peri-urban Luanda, and Children Affected by Conflict in Angola: Qualitative and Quantitative Research.

Since 1981, Dr. Daly has been engaged in social development programmes in Angola. In addition to her work experience and formal training, has consulted for various healthcare and sanitation projects in Southern Africa including, “Evaluation of Low Cost Sanitation Programme in Lobito/Benguela” (SIDA), “Design of a District Primary Health Care Initiative” (Caritas Angola), and “Evaluation of District Health Care Project, Kwanza Norte” (Norwegian People’s Aid).

Dr. Daly resides in Luanda, Angola.

PAUL ROBSON - Senior Researcher, Advisor and Trainer

Paul Robson has worked within the African context for the past 35 years and has authored or co-authored over 20 publications. His extensive experience across Lusophone Africa have positioned him as an expert in the field and a valuable partner to Development Workshop in post-conflict Angola. His expertise includes planning and implementation of social research, monitoring and evaluating for development agencies (primarily in community development), and local governance. Mr. Robson is fluent in Portuguese.

Through his work with Development Workshop, for UNICEF, World Bank and Christian Children’s Fund International, among others, Mr. Robson has reviewed and evaluated projects across several development areas and managed research programs on topics ranging from participative community planning to the informal economic sector.

Mr. Robson shares his time between Luanda and London.

BELISARIO DOS SANTOS - Former Programme Manager

Belisario dos Santos has rich experience in organizational development, monitoring systems, project cycle management, decentralization, and municipal development planning. He holds a Master of Science (MSc.) in International Development, Governance and Management from the Department for International Development, School of Public Policy, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. His dissertation was on the process of democratic decentralization in Angola, drivers and obstacles.

Cupi Baptista Development Workshop Water & Sanitation ManagerCUPI BAPTISTA - Water & Sanitation Manager

Cupi Baptista has been Development Workshop's Program Manager for Water and Sanitation since 2007. He was previously DW's Provincial Representative in Huambo Province from 2001. He is a sociologist, with a Post-Graduate specialization in project management from the Catholic University of Brasilia.

Between 2009 - 2010 he was DW's Consultant-Coordinator of the National Programme for Institutional Strengthening of the National Directorate Aguas-DNA/MINEA. He is Co-author of the book "Model Community Management of Water - MoGeCA".

From 2011 to 2014 he was Development Workshop's Deputy Leader of the Consortium DW & Cowater International - Consulting to the National Water Directorate (DNA) in the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA) for the design of the National Program for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation supported by the African Development Bank.

Wilson Piassa - Development Workshop AngolaWILSON PIASSA - Urban Governance Adviser

Wilson Piassa managed Development Workshop's Luanda Urban Poverty Programme and subsequently the Voices for Urban Change Project until 2013. He studied community development at the University of Southern Africa (Pretoria) and has a BA in Development Studies and Political Science. He is a candidate for a degree in Public Administration.

He has worked extensively in community mobilisation and local institutional capacity building with the Luanda Urban Poverty Network. Mr. Piassa has taught courses at the Angolan Institute for the Training of Local Administrators (IFAL).