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The AngoNet project was initiated in Luanda in 1989, as a project facilitated by Development Workshop (DW) with Canadian funding support.

For a number of years, AngoNet provided Angola’s only public access to international electronic networks by e-mail through non-profit APC servers in Europe and Southern Africa. With the emergence of commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the late 1990’s in Angola, AngoNet dedicated itself to provide a non-profit network service for organisations and individuals working in social and economic development and humanitarian assistance programmes in Angola.

Click here to download an article (PDF) written by Silvio Cabral Almada and Haymée Pérez Cogle that follows the development of the Internet in Angola from 1989 to 2006, including DW's pivotal role this process starting with AngoNet and eventually cumulating with the introduction of Full Internet access in Angola.