DW AngolaRound Table Workshop on Housing Taxation and Registration in Angola

Round Table Workshop on Housing Taxation and Registration in Angola


Development Workshop hosted a round-table workshop on Friday the 13th of January on the challenges of registering real-estate in Angola and the implications of the new housing taxation reforms. The fall in world commodity prices since 2014 has forced government to adopt a new strategy. A campaign supporting the payment of housing taxes was launched with the aim to make people aware of the need to comply voluntarily with their obligations. The property tax is a value that every citizen must pay to the State for possession, possession, enjoyment of property or rents for buildings, land or space provided for the purpose of housing. The financial reforms promoted by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing in 2016 have taken the first steps in transforming Angola’s highly subsidized housing economy into a more sustainable self-financing one. While the payment of the tax officially does not formally confer ownership rights to the property occupied, registration of the property and the record of tax payments is a step towards improving tenure by having the occupation on-file in the archives of the local taxation office.


Emanuel Tomboca: O Registo e Imposto Predial Urbano dos Imóveis




Allan Cain :Facilidade em Transferência de Propriendade em Imoveis e Terrenos




Claudio da Silva: Direitos Fundiários e Obrigações Tributárias




Dra. Antonia: Registo Imobiliário no Contexto Económico