DW AngolaPost-Conflict Transformation in Angola's Informal Economy 2007 - 2009

Post-Conflict Transformation in Angola's Informal Economy 2007 - 2009


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From September 2007 to June 2009

Development Workshop has carried out its proposal to expand and build upon its experience of both sector-specific and broad baseline research to develop a comprehensive and cross-sector integrated study of the Angolan informal economy. More specifically this research programme has aimed to: significantly increase quantitative and qualitative understandings of important sectors of the informal economy; conduct a literature review of all previous research and policy documents on the informal economy in Angola and a selective review of international research relevant to the three themes developed in the current programme; carry out a cross-sector study that documented the strategic relationships, interactions, and inter-dependencies among different sub-sectors of the informal economy; foster knowledge-based approaches to public policy making through data organization, analysis, and dissemination activities that enhance knowledge access and utilization capacity of a broad range of public and policy-maker stakeholders and by generating new knowledge about the mechanisms of governance that prevail in the vast peri-urban informal sector where both formal state and customary institutions are either absent or have lost legitimacy and relevance.

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