DW AngolaPolicy Overview for Mining and Natural Resource Development in Angola

Policy Overview for Mining and Natural Resource Development in Angola


This document was prepared for the Model Mining Legislation Project (MMLP). The main objective from the MMLP provides contextual insight to this legislation and policy review. The final output for year one will be 5 individual case study reports, a synthesis report of the case studies integrated with a regional legislative and policy review report. The research process, reflection practice and benchmarking is dealt with in part 2 of this document whilst Part 1 is a legal and policy review questionnaire. The aim of this Legal and Policy review is to firstly determine common areas and issues incorporated in legislation and policy that play a significant role in the impact of mining on indigenous and local communities in the region. With the common set of criteria it will then be possible to conduct a national comparative analysis along with analysis of the interaction between international and national legal and institutional frameworks through which to surface lessons that may be of use in advocacy efforts at national and regional level.