DW AngolaDw (2020) community managed water and building social capital in angola

Dw (2020) community managed water and building social capital in angola


Marketing water at the local household level involves significant trading in social
capital. A financially sustainable model of community water management that
builds on this neighbourhood social capital has been adopted in Angola. Water
selling is the largest sub-sector of Luanda’s extensive informal economy, involving
extractors, transporters and retailers. The majority of Angola’s peri-urban
population still rely on informal mechanisms for its water supply because the
State’s post-war reconstruction programmes to provide water to all remain
incomplete. Communities have used informal mechanisms to fill the gap. The
article is drawn from research using qualitative tools and tracking of the supplychain to analyze the scope of the informal water economy in Angola. The
community management model MoGeCA has been adopted by the government for
implementation across the country. The article is written from a practitioner point
of view based on more than a decade of experimentation in practice and support
from USAID in taking MoGeCA to the national scale.