DW AngolaCERF Droughts South of Angola - 4th sitrep as of 13 July 2016

CERF Droughts South of Angola - 4th sitrep as of 13 July 2016


Southern Angola has been affected by recurrent cycles of droughts and floods since 2008. In 2015, 1.4m people in 7 provinces were affected by El Niño, of which about 78% resided in three provinces of southern Angola, namely Cunene (56% of the total people affected), Huila and Namibe. Agricultural and livestock losses were estimated to be about $242.5m in 2015 and 500,000 heads of livestock have died in 2015 and 2016.

This year, the National Institute of Cereals in the Ministry of Agriculture estimates a production deficit of 40%. According to the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture, food insecurity is predicted to worsen from August onward in Cunene and Huila provinces, possibly to be exacerbated by forecasted La Niña that could bring flooding. The market is experiencing severe price increases and fluctuations as a result of the increasing food scarcity. According to FAO, from May to June 2016 an estimated 1 million people remain affected and 400,000 will need food and non-food assistance in the coming months.