DW AngolaVoices for Peace Project, IDRC, 2002 -2004

Voices for Peace Project, IDRC, 2002 -2004

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With the ceasefire following the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Luena on 4 April 2002, Angola entered a new phase in terms of peacebuilding. New opportunities arose and government as well as national and international civil society actors in Angola adapted their programs to the new context. In order to respond to the new peacebuilding challenges, the ‘Projecto de Construção de Paz’ (PCP)  intends to conduct a peace and conflict assessment together with its partners.

The assessement is planned to be conducted in the form of an action research project, producing results and suggestions that will help PCP and its partners to adjust and strengthen their conflict resolution, leadership, and peacebuilding activities in Luanda and in the provinces. The research will further produce concrete peace and conflict indicators that can be used for monitoring and evaluating PCP activities. In this regard, the research results will provide a baseline with which future evaluation research results can be compared with in order to better understand the impact of the programme.

The action research project will identify peacebuilding needs and opportunities in 5 provinces and engage partners and communities in the research. It will publish results and suggestions in different forms in order to be accessible for all those involved in the research, the communities, PCP partners, national and international civil society actors and government entities. For PCP, results will be integrated into ongoing project programming and implementation.


Report on Research in Huambo Province, November 2002 – March 2003

Wednesday, 1 October, 2003
This report presents findings of an ‘Action Research Project on Priorities for Peace-building in Angola’, with the objective of to identify opportunities and threats for the peace process in Angola over the short and medium term, following the end of Angola’s long civil war in April 2002.  The need for this research was based on recognition of the vast challenges that Angola faces in...

Manual de Construcao de Paz Na Provincia do Huambo

Thursday, 20 February, 2003
Este livro é direccionado aos comunidades do Huambo que ainda estão a lutar para uma vida melhor, todos ansiosos de provar que a paz vinha para ficar. O livro deveria ajudar a refletir sobre o estado actual da nossa sociedade, para perceber melhor porque ainda existem tantas problemas e tanta pobreza. Mas no seu coração, o livro intende de mostrar que nos todos temos que tomar a nossa iniciativa...

Action Research on Priorities for Peacebuilding in Angola Concept Paper

Tuesday, 1 October, 2002
The project is implemented by DW and partner organisations, coordinated by DW’s ‘Voices for Peace’ project in Huambo and assisted by DW’s research unit. The project will start in October with a ‘pilot’ assessment in Huambo province. This activity is aimed at identifying key questions and to prepare the structure of peacebuilding manual, case study analysis and research report. Based on the...