DW AngolaUrban Environmental Risk Assessment, IDRC, 1998 - 2000

Urban Environmental Risk Assessment, IDRC, 1998 - 2000

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The objective is to develop Angolan planning for national reconstruction through improved capacity for data collection and assembly, use of GIS and monitoring of key indicators; and development of environmental health assessment tools. Presented To: International Development Research Centre (IDRC). DW proposes a two phase project on environmental risk assessment. The first, for which IDRC assistance is requested, is a phase of developing tools, training a national team, building a data-base and selecting key indicators. The second is a phase of building national institutional capacity for ongoing monitoring of the key environmental indicators. The detailed design of the second phase of the programme will be built from the experience of the first.

DW proposes to employ environmental mapping tools together with qualitative and quantitative information gathering techniques to produce a graphic / geographic base line environmental assessment. Existing data, statistics and demographic information will transformed into graphic  format which can be projected onto spatial maps of the project region. Project teams, trained in qualitative research will provide supplementary community information.


Urban Environmental Risk Assessment Evaluation Reports

Tuesday, 1 January, 2002
Development Workshop has been involved for a number of years in developing programmes of community service provision, water, sanitation, school facilities upgrading and women’s micro-economic activities in the peri-urban ‘musseques’ of Luanda, Angola. DW wishes to develop monitoring tools to measure the impact of its programme interventions and other external and environmental factors on the...

GIS GeoReferencing Guide

Wednesday, 1 August, 2001
Maps after being scanned, would be opened in Photoshop. There the map would first be blown up to its 100% size so as to be able to see whether the map needed modifying in any way. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, I selected the top left hand corner of the drawn map and scrolled across to the top right hand side of the map. The scanning process was often done very sloppily and the map page...

Urban Environmental Risk Assessment Final Report

Tuesday, 1 February, 2000
Development Workshop has undertaken the Environmental Risk Assessment project in a pilot district in peri-urban Luanda. This is the first project of its type in Angola, applying geographic information systems (GIS) tools in an urban / peri-urban area of Angola. The project was initiated in the second quarter of 1998 and was planned to be executed in two phases. The first phase was extended from...

Urban Environmental Risk Assessment Proposal

Sunday, 1 February, 1998
The overcrowded peri-urban slums of Luanda (where over two-thirds of the population of Angola now lives) are clearly unhealthy places to live. However, very little information on environmental health is available which might be used to plan rehabilitation programmes, and whatever information there is tends to be dispersed, inaccessible and difficult to use. This proposal is for the development of...