DW AngolaScoping Study: target group assessment for Women's Enterprise Development

Scoping Study: target group assessment for Women's Enterprise Development

Wednesday, 1 September, 1993
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Informal Economy

The target group analysis for the present project focuses on a group of thirty women entrepreneurs from the informal sector working and living in the district of N'Gola Kiluange, which is an urban musseque community in Sambizanga Municipality, located at 8km from the centre of Luanda. Before independence the area was zoned as an industrial district with a low density population. Today the population of the area has grown dramatically and is fuelled by an increasing rate of rural urban migration and presently is estimated to be over 100,000.

As is the case throughout Angola, the informal sector in N'Gola Kiluange is an important part of community life. Everything from day to day purchases of basic consumer goods to shoe shines to car maintenance to health care is available in the informal sector. And yet, there is no precedent, either NGO or governmental for a planned intervention to provide technical assistance or training to improve/develop or support entrepreneurial activities within the informal sector. However, with the recent creation of a small-enterprise programme which is part of Development Workshop's Musseques upgrading work in Sambizanga Municipality, DW is aiming at coordinating a pilot project for women entrepreneurs working in the informal sector of the district of N'Gola Kiluange.

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