DW AngolaPrograms


Water & Sanitation

DW has been involved in both programme implementation research and policy development in the sector since 1987, with ongoing programmes in Luanda, Huambo, Bie and Cabinda.

 Land Rights & Settlements

DW engages the Government on land tenure policy reform and is building municipal capacity in local land management and titling including via Rede de Terra (the Land Network).

Climate Change

DW is working on numerous projects
focused on the issue of climate change in
Angola, from book publications to large-scale research projects.

Informal Economy

DW's research in this area includes  baseline information about the informal market’s structural profile and the dynamics of informal peri-urban markets.


DW’s microfinance programmes in both
Luanda and Huambo - including the he Sustainable Livelihoods Programme and KixiCredito - offer models to
both Government and the private sector.


DW’s Research Unit guides programme decision-making and policy influencing while contributing to the growth and improvement of the organisation’s learning process.  

Voices of Citizens for Urban Change

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this program aims to continue DW’s long term strategy to promote change in the way of influencing public policies in peri-urban Luanda.


Decentralisation & Governance

DW and a coalition of national NGOs
have become the primary partners to manage LUPP (Luanda Urban Poverty Programme), a national campaign that encourages participative planning. 

Natural Resources, Mining & Development

DW's work as a member of the International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa (IANRA).

Peacebuilding & Citizenship

DW works in this sector via electoral training, education, adult literacy, conflict resolution and instituting organized participative planning at the local community level.

Shelter & Housing

DW has assisted in the construction and rehabilitation of over 120 schools in the central war-affected provinces and a further 80 schools in Luanda.

Urban Transport

DW monitors the informal transport of both populations and basic services in Luanda.

Angolan Media Scan

A service run by DW's Documentation
Centre (CEDOC), created in 2001, to monitor the
national press.
The Center also holds a considerable amount of reports, articles, maps and books.


Initiated in Luanda in 1989, as an ICT service facilitated by DW as a non-profit network for organisations and individuals working in development and humanitarian assistance programmes.



Delimitação Participativa da Terra

Thursday, 5 April, 2018

A primeira edição deste Manual foi realizada no âmbito do Projecto FAO GCP/ ANG/035/EC, em 2008. Em 2016 foi feita uma revisão e actualização do Manual, no âmbito do Projeto de Gestão de Terras no Planalto Central de Angola, implementado pelas ONGs Visão Mundial e Development Workshop e financiado pela União Europeia, e com apoio do Projecto RETESA da FAO (GCP/ANG/048/GEF) financiado pelo Fundo Global de Ambiente (GEF). Esta revisão visa facilitar o seu uso por parte dos técnicos que desempenham a função de facilitadores no processo de delimitação de terras das comunidades.