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Development Workshop is a member of the International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa (IANRA) network which consists of 24 organizations from 8 different African countries and 1 European country (Netherlands), all striving for justice concerning natural recourses. The IANRA contributes to national, regional and international advocacy and campaigning efforts around the use of the vast natural and economic resources available on the continent.


Mapa de Minas - Novo Jornal 25 Julho 2014 p5
Map: Novo Jornal


Strenghtening Land Tenure and Property Rights in Angola: Benchmarking Survey for Pilot Sites

Wednesday, 1 August, 2007
Author: Beat Weber. This survey was carried out by Development Workshop for the USAID Angola’s Land Tenure Strengthening Project which is managed by ARD with implementation assistance from its partners, Development Workshop (DW) and the Rural Development Institute (RDI). The project continues USAID-Angola’s support to land reform and land rights strengthening begun in...

"Dirty Diamonds Angola" Video

Friday, 1 November, 1996
Video about Angola's diamond mines produced in November 1996 by Journeyman Pictures. Video text: "Angola boasted of the most dangerous and illegal diamond mines in the world. From an aerial view, hundreds of men work like black ants on the crater ridden landscape. In small groups, bare chested, knee deep in murky water they seive gravel for hours until they spot the glitter of one tiny diamond....