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Ondaka is a community newspaper published
in Portuguese and Umbundu for communities
in the Planoalto Central of Angola.


A Voz de Cacuaco

A Voz de Cacuaco is a community newspaper
serving the interests of communities in the
Cacuaco area of Luanda.

Ecos do Heneda

Ecos do Heneda: Jornal Coumintário do
Município do Cazenga
is a community
newspaper for Cacuaco, Luanda residents.


Inforsambila: Jornal Comunitário do
is a community newspaper
fpr Sambizanga, Luanda residents.

 Allan Cain - IFAL training Luanda AngolaJournal Humbi-Humbi

Journal Humbi-Humbi is a community
newspaper on Action for Rural
Development and the Environment.


Reconversão is a community journal
published bimonthly by the Technical
Office of the communities of Cazenga,
Sambizanga and Rangel in Luanda.