DW AngolaCatchiungo Final Report

Catchiungo Final Report


Catchiungo (or Katchiungo) is a typical third-tier municipal city that has been left out of most researches up until now. Catchiungo was largely depopulated during the war, and suffered serious damage. Like many Angolan municipal centres, Catchiungo is rebuilding itself as a regional market town in the last post-conflict years. The city of Catchiungo has a population of 10,000 and an almost negligible population growth rate.

The evidence is that in general, the Catchiungo urban area has not spread into areas of environmental risk. The data show that the urban core itself is located in a very low risk area and that in the outlying or peripheral areas, there are relatively few houses that have been built on steep slopes that may be at risk of erosion. Perhaps this is an issue that the city administrators should keep an eye on, to make sure that this trend does not continue to grow. The study has shown that there are adequate areas for the future physical expansion for the city, and similarly, areas for housing in non-risk areas are available.  With an almost negligible population and economic growth rates, there will be little pressure for the city and the people of Catchiungo to occupy at risk areas.