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Questions Over CIA Covert Aid on Eve of Fresh Angola Peace Talks

Facts and Reports
Friday, 17 August, 1990

It seemed a victory for those opposed to US support of Unita, when Congress put off voting on new funds for the CIA´s war effort in Angola until September, a move announced by the chair of the House Intelligence Oversight Committee on Monday.

Fear of Famine Could Hasten an Angolan Ceasefire

Facts and Reports
Friday, 27 July, 1990

A humanitarian move could herald the demise of yet another Cold War domino, writes Lionel Barber

Angola Set to Accept Multi-Party System

Facts and Reports
Friday, 13 July, 1990

Hopes for a settlement in Angola´s 15-year civil war rose yesterday when the central commitee of the ruling MPLA announced that the government would "evolve towards a multi-party system".

US Weapons Boost Angolan Rebels

Facts and Reports
Friday, 29 June, 1990

The recent turnaround in the fortunes of Angola´s Unita rebels follows a sharp increase in clandestine American arms deliveries by a Florida-based CIA cargo airline, which is now operating three Hercules cargo planes into Angola.

The Mandela Visit; Mandela Assails U.S. Aid to Savimbi

The New York Times
Monday, 25 June, 1990

On the eve of his meeting with President Bush, Nelson Mandela condemned one of the President's African policies, support for Jonas Savimbi's rightist rebels in Angola. Speaking to a group of black journalists tonight, Mr. Mandela said that only the United States and South Africa were supporting Mr. Savimbi's guerrillas, ''and we strongly condemn that.''

Account From Angola

Facts and Reports
Friday, 15 June, 1990

UNITA as described by ex-participants and foreign visitors. By William Minter

Angolan Government Force Abandons Strategic Town

Facts and Reports
Saturday, 2 June, 1990

The Angolan rebel movement Unita claimed on Tuesday it had pushed back government troops near the strategic town of Mavinga in the south-east, killing 139 soldiers and capturing about 100 tanks and other military vehicles.

Angola Negotiations Positions Spelled Out

Facts and Reports
Tuesday, 15 May, 1990

The Angolan government and the rebel Unita movement have set out their preliminary negotiating positions after meeting in Lisbon last week.

Luanda and Unita Meet Secretly in Portugal

Facts and Reports
Friday, 4 May, 1990

Officials of the Angolan government and the Unita rebel movement met secretly in Portugal last weekfor talks on ending the 15-year civil war in Angola, Mr José Durão Barroso, Portugal´s Foreigra Ministry Secretary of State, disclosed this weekend.

Direct Angola-Unita Talks Expected Soon

Facts and Reports
Friday, 20 April, 1990

Direct talks are expected to start soon in Lisbon between the Angolan Government and the rebel movement, Unita, amid high hopes they could lead to a reasolution of Angola´s 15-year civil war.

Angola to Privatize Coffee Plantations

Facts and Reports
Friday, 6 April, 1990

LISBON - Angola´s Marxist government will offer 126 stateowned coffee plantations to private buyers in an attempt to revive the failing industry, the world´s fourth-largest before Angolan independence in 1975, the Portuguese news agency Lusa reported Wednesday.

The Selling of an African Conflict

Facts and Reports
Friday, 23 March, 1990

Lionel Barber looks at Angola through professional lobbying in Washington on behalf of the county´s warring parties.

Tree Deal

Facts and Reports
Friday, 9 March, 1990

The Angolan government has signed deals granting a British firm two million cubic metres of eucalyptus wood for cellulose production, the Portuguese news agency Lusa said last week.

Angolan Air Strikes Put Unita At Risk

Facts and Reports
Friday, 9 February, 1990

The Angolan rebel movement Unita is facing its most serious military crisis since 1976 when, threatened with obliteration, it retreated into the bush to wage a protracted guerrilla war against the leftwing MPLA government.

Unita Attack Resort

Facts and Reports
Friday, 26 January, 1990

LUANDA: The Angolan capital was tense thursday after television reports of a major attack by US-backed Unita rebels against a popular beach resort some 100 kilimeters (62) miles from the capital.

Emergency Commission Set Up In Huíla to Combat Drought

Facts and Reports
Thursday, 11 January, 1990

Lubango (Huíla) - Lopo do Nascimento, Huíla Provincial Commissioner, has set up an emergency commission to coordinate action to counter the effects of the great drought in the province, its first task being to transport and distribute about 1.000 tonnes of maize for the affected population.

UNITA Assessment Mission 1989A

Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, US Department of State
Sunday, 31 December, 1989

War and Survival in Southern Angola: The UNITA Assesment Mission. Including Goals of the Mission, Logistics, Population Estimates, Health Status, Agriculture and Recommendations. First section.

UNITA Assessment Mission 1989B

Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, US Department of State
Sunday, 31 December, 1989

War and Survival in Southern Angola: The UNITA Assesment Mission. Including Goals of the Mission, Logistics, Population Estimates, Health Status, Agriculture and Recommendations. This section starts with Health Status.

US confirms CIA weapons for Angolan rebels

Facts and Reports
Friday, 22 December, 1989

The United States Department confirmed yesterday that up to four Americans were killed when their plane, carrying CIA weapons for Angolan rebels, crashed on Monday night.

Emergency Sanitation for Luanda's Musseques - DW 1989

Friday, 10 November, 1989

Angola, along with Mozambique, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan, has in recent years been one of the nations targeted in the "Emergency Plan for Africa." The long-term urban crisis in Angola's capital Luanda has been exacerbated during “Emergency” by the influx of Displaced Persons comings in areas destabilised by insurgents. Ongoing cycles of political disruption and localized rural drought dating back to the independence war against Portuguese colonialism remain unbroken today and fuel this rural to urban migration. An extremely high population growth rate of 8 percent has resulted in Luanda in the years since independence. As Angola enters a new era of peace and reconstruction the pressures on urban centres like Luanda are unlikely to abate as refugees from abroad and returnees from the bush are reintegrated into national society.

A New Strategy on Angola

Facts and Reports
Friday, 1 September, 1989

GOMA, Zaire - South Africa and Zaire agreed Friday to engage in intesive shuttle diplomacy in southern Africa in the next few days to try to save a faltering ceasefire in the 14-year-long civil war in Angola.

Ceasefire Fails to Stop Angola Fighting

Facts and Reports
Friday, 28 July, 1989

There have been new reports of fighting in various areas of Angola, despite the ceaserfire declared between government troops and Unita rebels on June 24.

Angolan Rebels Are to Have Roles In Government and Armed Forces

Facts and Reports
Friday, 30 June, 1989

GBADOLITE, Zaire - Guerrillas are to be reintegrated into the Angolan government and armed forces under the terms of a ceasefire agreemnt reached in Zaire, but the man who led the rebels probably will be excluded, African leaders said here Friday.

UNITA Takes Initiative to Start Peace Talks with MPLA

Facts and Reports
Friday, 16 June, 1989

The Angolan rebel movement, UNITA, has decided to take diplomatic initiatives to initiate peace talks with the MPLA government.

South Africa Seeks Clarification of Dos Santos Statement on Cuban Withdrawal

Facts and Reports
Friday, 2 June, 1989

The Department of Foreign Affairs has asked Angola and Cuba for clarification of the Angolan President´s claim that the Cuban withdrawal from Angola would be delayed because of financial considerations.