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Government Forces Say they Have Taken N'dalatando

Facts and Reports
Friday, 3 June, 1994

The Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) and the men of the Black Cockerel are involved in fierce fighting in the country's central region.

New System for Fixing Kwanza Rate

Facts and Reports
Friday, 13 May, 1994

The Angolan government on Monday introduced a new method of fixing foreign exchange rates through agreement between the central bank and commercial banks.

Angola and US Sign Investment Accord

Facts and Reports
Friday, 29 April, 1994

Luanda -  Angola and the United States have signed an accord to encourage investment and rebuild the former Marxist country's war-ravaged economy, official sources said yesterday.

UNITA Reports Major Government Offensive in Cuanza Sul Province

Facts and Reports
Friday, 15 April, 1994

UNITA radio (voice of the Resistance of Black Cockerel in Portuguese 1900 gmt 28 Mar 94) reported an offensive by government troops in Cuanza Sul Province.

Unita Accepts offer of Government Jobs

Facts and Reports
Friday, 1 April, 1994

Angola's rebel Unita movement has accepted a government offer of places in a new Luanda administration, an African diplomat monitoring the Angolan peace talks in Lusaka said yesterday.

Peace Talks Continue in Lusaka: Decentralization and UNITA's Radio Discussed

Facts and Reports
Friday, 18 March, 1994

One of the points of disagreement which is being discussed at the meeting relates to UNITA's radio station Voice of the Resistance of the Black Cockerel, also known as Vorgan.

Unita Gives UN Plan for Settlement

Facts and Reports
Friday, 4 March, 1994

Lusaka - Angola's rebel Unita group yesterday presented its broad outlines for a settlement in its 18-year-old war against the government, demanding significant participation in running the country.

Luanda Backs Away From Economic Reforms

Facts and Reports
Friday, 18 February, 1994

Angola's President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos said this week that Angola was not ready to adopt an International Monetary Fund structural adjustment programme.

Aid puts Angola Famine on Hold

Facts and Reports
Friday, 4 February, 1994

Tens of thousands of emaciated Angolans shuffle into makeshift feeding centres in Malange city each morning in what ironically, given the people's pitiful physical state, has become a success story.

Food Gets To The Needy In Angola

Facts and Reports
Friday, 21 January, 1994

Luanda - United Nations relief operations have gradually got back on track, four months after World Food Programme (WFP) suspended its humanitarian assistance plan launched in June.

Progress But no Deal on Peace in Angola

Facts and Reports
Friday, 7 January, 1994

A peace settlement in the Angolan civil war remains a distant prospect, despite significant progress made in UN-mediated negotiations between President Jose Eduardo dos Santos' government and Jonas Savimbi's Unita rebels.

Encontro sobre a economia de Angola - Mario Nelson Maximino

Monday, 19 July, 1993

A po 1ítica cambial tem, para muitas pessoas, um interesse mais do qu~ acadêmico. Afinal, a taxa de câmbio um preço chave em qualquer economia - afecta os custos dos produtos importados e a lucratividade das indústrias de exportação, influenciando a taxa de inflação, a produção e o emprego. 1n "Poli ticas cambiais e o Ft1I" - artigo da autoria de David Burton e Martin G.Gilman publicado na revista Economia & Finanças, Setembro de 1991.

UNICEF Briefing Note no 3 Economic framework in Angola during 1994

Thursday, 1 July, 1993

Economic development in 1993 was a disaster due to the renewed war and the economic strategy irnplernented'. Macro economic indicators have never been as bad as they were in 1993. The inflation rate for Luanda reached 1,838%, economic growth dropped 23%, monetary quantity increased 780%, the budget deficit reached 33% of total expenditures, and the foreign exchange gap2 grew. Behind this drastic drop in economic growth is the accelerated and almost total breakdown of economic functions and a paralysis of internal production.

The sectors worst affected were agriculture, where overaU production was reduced by half, and the diarnond industry, where output dropped by 75%, compared to 1992.

Update Angola

Division of World Outreach of the United Church of Canada
Tuesday, 1 June, 1993

As this is being written, the situation in Angola has reached a new low. Negotiations between UNITA nad the MPLA have collapsed. Fighting continues throughout the countryside with urban centres increasingly affected.

Extract from Press Conference Given By Jonas Savimbi

Friday, 16 April, 1993

For about two hours on April 16, 1993, against the background noise of a tropical storm which had broken out over Huambo, a group of international press correspondents, including one from Público (Adelino Gomes), questioned the UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi on the main current themes in Angola.

Letter Resolution 864, 1993

United Nations Security Council
Friday, 16 April, 1993

Letter dated March 10, 2000 from the Chairman of the United Nations Security Council commitee established pursuant to resolution 864 (1993) concerning the situation in Angola. Addressed to the president of the Security Council.

Letter Resolution 864b, 1993

United Nation Security Council
Tuesday, 16 March, 1993

Consenquences of receiving the supplies and material support that the organisation requires. In the case of UNITA´s office in Zaire (prior to the overthrow of Mobutu), Jonas Savimbi emphasized to his representatives there the importance of their mission, observing that UNITA´s organisational efforts could not secceed if they did not have a country that would provide them with a base.

Disciples Challenge UNITA leader

Divison of Overseas Ministries Christian Church
Monday, 1 March, 1993

Angola: UCC/Disciples Challenge UNITA leader to peace, urge United States to play active role. We issue this statement after careful reflection upon the events that have unfolded over the past six months in Angola.

Africa Confidential: September 11, 1992 issue

Africa Confidential
Friday, 11 September, 1992

Contents- South Africa: The Battle For The Homelands; Angola I: Restarting The Economy; Angola II: Winner Does Not Take All; Angola/Zaire: Divisions On Four Fronts, Pointers: Somalia, Uganda/Sudan, Sudan.

Ngola Kiluanje: Report on Micro-Industries

Development Workshop
Tuesday, 1 September, 1992

This informal sector and micro-industry survey was carried out as part of the Sambizanga Project by activistas working with this project. The survey was done in the commune of Ngola Kiluange which consists of four sectors: Central, Sao Jose, Sao Pedro da Barra and Val Saroca. The coordinator of the Sambizanga Project is Orquidea Saraiva. The preliminary micro-industry inventory was made from July-September 1991.

Situation Report: 08/92

United Nations Special Relief Programme for Angola
Monday, 31 August, 1992

No new pledges were made to either of the two humanitarian appeals currently outstanding on behalf of Angola's affected populations. The international community has been inclined to support the electoral process and demobiisation of soldiers rather than the humanitarian programmes such as the Drought Emergency (DESA), the Special Relief Programme (SRPA-II), or the refugee repatriation programme.

Diário da República: Fiscalização da actividade geológica e mineira

Diário da República
Friday, 21 August, 1992

Diário da República: Sexta-feira, 21 de Agosto de 1992. AO DL nº 38-92. Normas de acomp e fiscalização da actividade geológica e mineira.

Africa Confidential Volume 3, Number 13

Africa Confidential
Friday, 3 July, 1992

Angola: Two elephants fight! The presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 29 and 30 September are likely further ot polarise the country between the MPLA and UNITA, given the failure of a viable third political force to develop.

Situation Report: 06/92

United Nations Special Relief Programme for Angola
Tuesday, 30 June, 1992

SADCC and UN jointly prepared a Consolidated Drought Appeal for Southern Africa, identifying the emergency needs of the ten  countries stretching from Tanzania to Namibia as a result of the worst drought in living memory. The appeal was launched from New York on 26 May by the Secretary General. A donor conference was held 01-02 June in Geneva.


Comissao Mista de Verificacao e Fiscalizacao
Wednesday, 3 June, 1992

Relatorio da verificacao realizada a regiao sudeste de Angola, para dsecoberta do presumivel exercito secreto da UNITA de 20,000 homens.