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LUPP, the Luanda Urban Poverty Programme, is a unique partnership working to contribute to poverty reduction in Angola, where the challenges urban poverty are immense.  LUPP partner NGOs, CARE International, Development Workshop-Angola, One World Action and Save the Children UK work in collaboration with the Government of Angola to meet its declared goal of halving the number of people living in poverty, presently 68%, by 2015. LUPP engages to promote pro-poor policies, especially in seeking to guarantee the provision of basic services to Angolan citizens.

The LUPP partnership is unique in Angola, bringing together organisations with good knowledge and understanding of Angola´s social problems based on first hand experience of local urban communities and a commitment to work alongside government to address poverty and promote good governance approaches to basic services and livelihoods. There is a focus on promoting partnerships between local communities, state institutions, service providers and the private sector in solutions for poverty reduction.  LUPP is committed to building the capacity of both local authorities and communities and civil society and promoting mechanisms of dialogue and engagement between local communities and state institutions.

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