DW AngolaNgola Kiluanje: Report on Micro-Enterprise 1992

Ngola Kiluanje: Report on Micro-Enterprise 1992

Tuesday, 1 September, 1992
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Informal Economy

Ngola Kiluanje, one of the administrative areas in the municipality of Sambizanga, is 8 km from the centre of Luanda on the main road north of the city. Before independence the area was primarily an industrial zone with a low density population. One long-time resident says that between 1972-73 there were small cultivated fields located in the area now known as Ngola Kiluanje. After the war intensified, peoples displaced from the north and south of the country began to arrive and today, population density is high with no developed infrastructure. (JA 17.05.92)

As is the case throughout Angola, the informal sector in Ngola Kiluanje is an important, indeed key, part of community life. Everything from day-to-day purchases of basic consumer goods to shoe shines to car maintenance to health care and education is available in the informal sector.  And yet, there is little information available on the range of socio-economic activities within this sector.  This report, based on a preliminary inventory conducted on the informal sector in Ngola Kiluanje, is a first attempt to provide a more informed insight into the functioning of this sector as well as some of its problems and potential.

This informal sector and micro-enterprise survey was carried out as part of the Sambizanga Project by activistas working with this project. The survey was done in the commune of Ngola Kiluange which consists of four sectors: Central, Sao Jose, Sao Pedro da Barra and Val Saroca.